People are naturally optimistic and need optimism to live life, to wake up each morning, to have children, to do anything. Human beings need to believe that a better tomorrow is possible.

We must wrestle optimism from the stinking hands of the neo-liberals who say “the few small issues with…

before we begin, a few basic facts, all easily verifiable with google:

  • There are nearly 40,000 mosques in XinJiang, of which 4,000+ were built in the last 10 years. In comparison, there are 2,769 in the USA.
  • Uyghur populations have been growing faster than that of Han population in the…

People in the West who read fear-mongering mainstream media reports on this subject have not much access to actual information. This is a small compendium to share some basic knowledge and understanding.

The social harmony system in the PRC, so far rolled out experimentally in limited regions with successful results…

Revolution is not speaking truth to power. It is not about being right or feeling righteous. It is not heroic defiance. It is not about purity and virtue, or being pure and appearing virtuous.

Revolution is not about working out personal problems. It is not the expression of emotions, and…

He Zhao

Radical Politics, Radical Design, Radical Rhythm, Radical Optimism.

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