Censorship in China and The CIA’s War Against the CPC

Any real understanding of the censorship programs in China can only begin with the history of the war against the Communist Party of China, virtually invisible in the Western liberal capitalist sphere.

When a state has been under ceaseless and constant destabilisation campaigns from an exponentially richer and more powerful enemy that uses every opportunity at subversion, sabotage, colour revolution, funding extremists, arming opposition, regime change, and coup d’etats to destroy their government by any means necessary, this government implements defensive measures such as censorship of enemy-dominated global media, and censorship of political content in culture, which sometimes, without consideration of this history, seem unreasonably harsh.

A fate like those which befell Yugoslavia, Libya, and the USSR was planned for China, in order to subordinate its state to foreign dictates, control its economy under foreign ownership — for the coloniser nations to once again reclaim their lost colonial property.

Part of the reason that the PRC still stands tall today with full independent sovereignty, rapidly improving life for citizens inside and foreign populations outside of its borders, is censorship measures against constant propagandistic violence.

Whether each one of us agrees with censorship, whether some of them may be too harsh or not, this is the reason for them, unless one believes the silly idea that the Chinese government simply “hates freedom”, and that socialism is intrinsically, not due to defensive needs in a cold-war waged against it, repressive.

And of course, as soon as socialist countries become stronger, no longer under constant siege economically, politically, militarily, and propagandistically, they will begin to relax and eventually completely end censorship programs.


Listed immediately below is a partial history of the CIA’s War against the Communist Party of China, consisting of a few CIABASE entries regarding NED/CIA operations targeting China during the 2 decades after the death of Mao ZeDong, 1980s and 1990s. Included in this list are only CIA operations in the central regions of the Chinese mainland: not included are many operations from outside of the mainland such as in HongKong, Taiwan, Tibet, Mongolia, or XinJiang. Originally published here, but the article containing this list has since disappeared.

  • China, NED, 90–95 China defends human rights in a report that accused the United States and other Western nations of having concocted criticism for sinister political purposes. Washington Post 12/29/95 a2894 China assails US Human Rights policies. China notes its human rights policy is better than the US’s “the incidence of crimes, murders, robberies, rapes, drug abuse and violence and racial discrimination in the US comes first…US had a higher proportion of imprisoned people than China.” Washington post 2/28/94 a18

A few books detailing chapters in this long history outside of these 2 decades:

Agents of Subversion

The CIA and Third Force Movements in China during the Early Cold War

The CIA’s Secret War in Tibet



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