FaLun Gong: Far Right Cult Weaponised Against the PRC

A brief account of the history of this group is in order, because today in the Western sphere we are seeing yet another major wave of dissemination of FaLun Gong “activism”, and posters all over every major Western city for their heavily propagandistic traveling musical dance show, Shen Yun. For example, in London, local governments are actively subsidising the advertising and promotion for these shows, which are themselves instructed and funded by central UK government in these anti-China fear mongering efforts.

New Shen Yun posters feature a not-so-subtle sub-title which replaces the previous “5000 years of Civilisation Reborn”

In the beginning, FalunGong, a spiritual and health movement, was endorsed by the Communist Party. But as it rapidly gained popularity, riding on the wave of international New-Age-ism and QiGong revival of the 90s, FalunGong began practices such as coercing members to pay and to denounce their families. In many ways, FalunGong was worse than Scientology and even worse than the CIA backed evangelical cults in Latin America, because they were much larger, and exerted much more ruthless coercive power by exploiting the social dissonances and contradictions resulting from the first decade of “Reform and Opening Up”, when the country was predictably experiencing all of the alienation that came from the emerging of a private sector and capitalist class. After some terrible incidents in which thousands of members were directed to disrupt society and cause large scale harm, with numerous deaths even, the organisation was banned.

But not only that, with 70 million members, FalunGong spreads a “traditionalist” philosophy which promotes the return of feudalism with its brutal hierarchies, including human slavery. Their beliefs are extremely reactionary, with the leader teaching that black people are sub-human and that homosexuality is a disease. They are connected to and actively supports all of the well known right-wing racist parties across the world such as the AfD in Germany, BNP in UK, AFP in Australia, and has massively supported the Trump regime in the USA.

Falun Gong practitioners doing the sieg heil salute

The cult constantly used its enormous influence to attempted to destabilise the country, and agitated for the destruction of the government. The Communist Party of China depends on and thrives on criticism, and its policies are shaped by the critical voices of the people; but just like in every other nation, in China it is illegal to plot for the overthrow of the government.

The organisation is virulently anti-communist, and have been funded by the CIA and National Endowment for Democracy to aggressively advertise all over the world and spread lies about the CPC, such as “torture” and “organ harvesting”. Of course Western liberal publications love salacious fear-mongering stories about “Evil Socialism” and “Oppressive Chinese Government”, and amplify the baseless FalunGong claims. (They are so ludicrous that these made-up horror stories require no argument other than basic common sense: why would a very large country with a $10+ trillion GDP engage in such minor practices which generates microscopic profit but extremely tarnish its reputation?)

Falun Gong propaganda on the streets of London

Shen Yun is the entertainment branch of Falun Gong, a white-washed performing arts show featuring mediocre-at-best traditional Chinese dance theater. It erases all of the horrors of feudal oppression as well as all of the atrocities of colonial domination, towards the end of which the Communist Revolution is portrayed as a cartoonishly evil movement that destroys glorious Chinese civilisation, lead by a monster by the name of Mao ZeDong. It is very funny, until we consider that millions and millions of Western audiences who are near totally ignorant of Chinese history, and have already internalised generations of anti-communist propaganda, take this absurd farce at face value.

Shen Yun show in Berlin

In the era of proxy war, trade war, and propaganda war against the PRC, renewed ideological conflict, Neo-McCarthyism, and fear mongering anti-communism, actual information on FaLun Gong is becoming increasingly difficult to find. The following and below are a few relevant articles that still remain on the internet:









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