No Drums Allowed: Afro Rhythm Mutations in North America

originally published by This is Africa
Duple Rhythm
Cuban Son
Haitian Compas
Indonesian Gamelan
Persian Classical
Guinean Drumming
Slapping Juba
Ring Shout
Slave song
Work song
A classic sound collage by Alan Lomax comparing traditional vocal music from Africa and vocal music from the Delta, alternating, line by line, between American and Senegalese singing:
The direct ancestor of the banjo: the Malian/Senegalese instrument Xalam or Ngoni, widely used by Griots
Native American ritual music
Irish folk music
German/Austrian volkstümliche musik
Trinidadian Steel Drums are alive and very well
Cuban music and dance and its strong connection to African forms
Afro-Brazilian percussion traditions are considered a national treasure
Juke/Footwork extensively uses complex and often microscopic polyrhythms
Chicago street percussion



Radical Politics, Radical Design, Radical Rhythm, Radical Optimism.

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